A Virtual Concert Project

Choral Arts Alliance of Missouri presents

A Virtual Concert Project

featuring members of Columbia Chorale and Columbia Youth Choirs

          Emily Edgington Andrews, Artistic Director
          Mary La Blanc, Video Editor
          Daniel Smith, Webmaster
          Kara Smith, CYC Coordinator
          Allie Blaylock, Chorale Coordinator

Columbia Youth Choirs
Songs of Freedom
Singing has long been a natural means to endure hardship, resist adversity, protest injustice, and unite communities. In this virtual concert project, the CYC choirs explored the moving power of music by performing freedom songs from a variety of cultures and historical periods.

Canta Bella
auditioned treble voices in grades 7-12
Emily Edgington Andrews, Conductor
Amanda Furtick, Pianist

Personnel: Sierra Adams*, Eli Allen-Thomas*, Molly Allen-Thomas*, Anna Clapper*, Cali Davis*, Miriam Gleeson*, Mariah Oster, Abigail Reardon*, Jaclyn Sexauer*, Gabriella Story*, Lauren Valentine*, Rachel Weber*, Sophia White*, Rhiannon Williamson*

               What Happens When a Woman?
               by Alexandra Olsavsky of Artemisia
               Jaclyn Sexauer, dancer
               Anna Clapper, soloist
               Mary La Blanc, body percussion

              The Storm is Passing Over
               by Charles Albert Tindley, arranged by Barbara W. Baker


Primo Choir
treble voices in grades 3-5
Jordan Walker, Conductor
Brian Parks, Pianist

Personnel: Lynden Conrow, Ian Gawenis*, Heather Kasmann*, Lucy Nolke*, Adelaide Phillips*, Dylan Ragsdale*, Clara Rodhouse-Hawley, Amelia Willis*

               Tumekuja Kuimba (We Have Come to Sing)
               by Lynn Zettlemoyer
               Jordan Walker, soloist

               When I Close My Eyes
                by Jim Papoulis
               Ethan Forte, cello

Bella Voce
middle and high school treble voices
Christine Nichols and Amanda Furtick, Conductors/Pianists

Personnel: Katerina Connor, Cali Davis*, Sarah Evelev*, Keeley Fizer*, Cassie Gawenis*, Emma Gingerich, Lucita Gleeson*, Raegan Hogan*, Elizabeth Kasmann*, Jordan McManus*, Julia Phillips*, Hope Worstell

               Run Children Run
               traditional work song, arranged by Stephen Hatfield

               “How Far I’ll Go” from Moana
               by Lin-Manuel Miranda, arranged by Ed Lojeski

unchanged and changing voices grades 5-10
Emily Edgington Andrews, Conductor
Maddie Jenkins, Pianist
Maxwell Duncan, Tobias White, Phoenix Ribiat, Declan Gleeson, Soloists

Personnel: Xander Bakke*, Maxwell Duncan*, Declan Gleeson*, Anthony Kunkler*, Tristan Kunkler*, Ben Nolke*, Phoenix Ribiat*, Tobias White*, Kwadwo Wiredu*

               “Carrying the Banner” and “King of New York” from Newsies
               arranged by Mac Huff

Columbia Chorale
Northern Lights
Columbia Chorale kicks off its 42nd season by presenting virtual recordings of the ethereal music by the acclaimed Norwegian composer Ola Gjeilo. A first-ever for Columbia Chorale, the virtual choir features Chorale members – current and former – from around the U.S.

Colin Knoth, Guest Conductor
Ryan Layton, Rehearsal Conductor and Pianist

Personnel: Emily Allison*, Ellen Atkins, Joan Beard*, Rachel Blomquist*, Brandy Bogle, Cheryl Brewer*, Kara Brietzke*, Chuck Brown*, Amanda Carr, Katherine Carr*, Marty Casey*, Anne Cox*, Craig Datz*, Kim Dent, Lisa Dobbs*, Talia Elliott, Susan Felten*, Hattie Francis, Betsy Garrett*, Allie Gassman*, James Gawenis*, Mark Gilbert*, Carol Gilles*, Sherril Gladney*, David Goldman*, Allyson Gortmaker*, Kelly Gross*, Amy Gundy, Davion Hambrick, Miriam Hankins*, Diane Hennessy, Alicia Isdes*, Jennifer Jackson, Anne Johnson*, Sarah Larson*, Ryan Layton*, Desiree Long*, Susan McCollegan, Jennifer McDole*, Lisa Miles, Brianna Murphy*, Jean Neely, Lara Nugent, Sarah Ondocsin*, Brian Parks, Kimberly Pierce*, Markita Price*, Randy Rust, Robin Rust*, Catherine Rymph, Samantha Sanchez*, Barbara Sanders, Janaire Seye*, Elisa Sims, Mahree Skala, George Smith, Kara Smith*, Lotta Timberlake, Pat Timberlake, Bruce Troyke*, Donna Walter, Margaret Wang, Hannah Whitt*, Leila Wilmore*, Liz Woodward

               The Ground
               by Ola Gjeilo

               Northern Lights
               by Ola Gjeilo

*Indicates singer submitted video to the Virtual Concert Project

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