Friends of CAAM

Friends of Choral Arts Alliance of Missouri


Without these generous donors, Columbia Chorale, Columbia Chamber Choir, youth extension Columbia Youth Choirs, Columbia Community Gospel Choir, and permanent Artists-in-Residence Prometheus would be unable to continue the important work of bringing high quality choral music and choral music education to mid-Missouri. Thank you for supporting the mission of Choral Arts Alliance of Missouri with your tax-deductible gift!


Individual Donors

VISIONARY ($4000+)
Mr. Kim B. Cafferty
Richard & Kimberly Reardon, in honor of Abigail Reardon
Meg Wang, in honor of Betty Cope

BENEFACTOR ($1000-$3999)
Anonymous (3)
Emily Edgington Andrews
Alexander Arthur
Bernie Carr
Mark Gilbert
Norbert & Donna Richardson
Diane & Raymond Rymph
Daniel & Kara Smith
George Smith & Marjorie Sable
Charles & Akua Wiredu

SPONSOR ($500-$999)
Anonymous (1)
Cheryl & Michael Brewer
Kevin Carpenter
Adam & Angelique Clapper
Mark Cover & Kristin Hahn-Cover
Paul & Ginny Crabb
Frank Fleschner & Lindsey Lang
Rick & Mary Lee Fleschner
Miriam Hankins
Gabe Lewis O’Connor
Gary & Mary McDole
Pat Timberlake
Samantha Wagner

SUPPORTER ($250-$499)
Anonymous (3)
David Allen
Kimberly Blaylock
Heidi Campbell
Craig Datz
Hattie Francis
Allie & Walter Gassmann
Greg & Marivie Lanter
Ken & Lynette Logsdon
Melissa and Steven Menard
Lisa Miles
David Miniea
Kimberly D. Pierce
Carol Schultz
Janaire Seye, in loving memory of Ishmael Anan Seye & in honor of Joann Elizabeth Seye
James Shanteau
Mike & Barb Smith
Kristi Story

DONOR ($100-$249)
Anonymous (5)
Christina Adams
Emily Allison
Virginia Andrews
Richard Barohn
Joan Beard
Joanne & Jerry Berneche
Gregory Brown
Christopher Cottle
Damian Dean
Lisa & Chris Dobbs
LaVerne & Marilyn Epp
Ginny & Brad Epsten
Mary Fagiolo
Jonny Girson
Patrick Graham
Christine Evans Hands
Scott & Janice Kasmann
David & Lisa Lang
Sarah Larson
David Lawson
Monica Miller
Dan & Sandra Nelson
NL O’Connor & Jim Lewis
Louise & Charles Ochoa
Jeanette Pierce
Catherine Rymph
Samantha Sanchez
Laura Sandstedt
Lynn & Brian Schaezler
Dana & David Sheahen
Jim & Vickie Tolbert
Alan & Karen Weber
Sarah Williams
Laura Wilmesher
Chana Wilson

Anonymous (13)
Alicia Adams
Kashif Ali
Roger Allbee
Jerry Allee
Erica Ascani
Ellen Baker
Cole Barton
Alysia Beaudoin & Amy Duncan
Roy Beeson
Cynthia & J. Andrew Beverley
Brandy Bogle
Sara Brown
Jim and Caryl Bryan
Geri & John Burns
Karin Bursch
Mary Chant
Amelia Cottle
William Cotton
Anne Cox
Maria Cox
Adam Davis
Mary Deeken
Brenna Donnelly
Raymond Ealey
Jacqueline & Robert Epsten
Karrie Everett
Norma Jean Fair
Karen Flesch
Becki Forsee
Betsy Garrett
Patricia Gore
Phoebe Gray
Donald & Barbara Green
Beverly & Carl Greeson
Amy Gundy
Melissa Hamm
Lugine Hein
Richard Hessler
Matthew Higdon
Michael Holmes
Christy & Howard Hutton
Anne Johnson
Amy Keith
Marchea Klang
Rochara Knight
Randall & Janeal Krehbiel
Linda Lacy
Sara Landreth
Ryan Layton
Tara Link
Jennifer Linton
Walter & Jill Luther
John Markovitz
Dedrick Martin
Jennifer McDole
Becky McKenzie
Elaine Migdal
Kelly Mitchell
Jeanne Murphy
Jean Neely
Christine Nichols
Misty Nolke
William O’Neill
Barbara Onofrio
Teri Oster
Jothi Pallikkathayil
Janice Parrott-Wilson
Erin Perry
Thomas & Megan Phillips
Kelly Powell
Abigail Reardon
Rebecca Reed
Lizzie & Justin Richmond
Rebekah Robertson
Gretchen Rohrs
Tim & Meghon Ross
Laverne Ruppert
Randy Rust
Nadia Salem
Deborah Sanchez
Catherine Sandstedt
Susanne Sawyer
Deborah Self
Audra Sergel
Eileen Sharp
Beth Shepard
Elisa K. Sims
Lori Staub
Aubrianna Stewart
Mary Kaye Swanson
Gregory Thackery
Ruth Thompson
Annette Triplett
Donna Walter
Clayton Weidinger
Lisa Wells
James & Brenda West
Hannah Whitt
Elizabeth Whittom
Caroline Williams
Shannyn Yalaoui

Corporate and Government Sponsors

City of Columbia Office of Cultural Affairs
Miller’s Professional Imaging (MPIX)
Missouri Arts Council

SUSTAINER ($1500 – $2499)
Stifel-The Reardon Group

PATRON ($1000 – $1499)
Stifel Financial Corporation

SPONSOR ($500 – $999)
Cecile Taylor Circle of King’s Daughters

Christian Fellowship Church
Columbia College
Columbia Independent School
Ford, Parshall, & Baker
Jacksonville Cairo Unity Church
Les Bourgeois Vineyards
Lexcorp of Columbia (Culver’s)
Missouri United Methodist Church
Sunrise Optimist Club
Veterans United Home Loans

*These are the donations from October 15, 2021 through April 15, 2023. If you have donated and your name does not appear on the list, please accept our apology and send an email to [email protected] so that we can correct this error.